Carport and Pergolas

Carports and Pergolas

Carports and Pergolas the most important addition to a home for the protection of your daily car or for that outdoor entertainment experience during the relevant celebrations. It changes that boring space, into another large protected part of the yard that achieves many of the day to day activities we all so love. Area for the kids to get out and make do what they enjoy. That outdoor transition and protection from element outdoors. Affordable and positive investment to your living with the addition of a few bragging points.



The existing carport was a three bricked pier lean to galvanised roof. The structure was pulling away form the house, the clients chose to pull it down and rebuild a timber carport. To achieve a better opening for the car doors, a larger external beam was fixed and only two posts were installed. This gave more access. With the combination of colourbond products, timber from Hume and Iser Sunbury a paint job by the client, their new carport came up just as they desired. Practical and reliable.


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