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Intrepid Constructions is a new, up and coming construction business based in the local Sunbury, Macedon ranges area. Focussing on quality and reliable building practices to give great results to what ever plans you have in mind for you home or business.

From the small tasks of fixing a damaged door or deck, the time will be spent with you to fix what is necessary and improve not only the cosmetic characeristics to your property but also to ensure safety and reliablity to your existing surroundings. Why should you put up with what is broken? Stop telling yourself you will do this and that one day.

Get it done now and get it done right.


Outdoor entertainment construction is a great addition to any household and increases your homes unique qualities. With the extra area you can start to introduce an inside-outside living option that is great when it comes to those warm summer nights. With the additional convenience of your party patrons having more space to move around as well as being all cramped indoors.


Bathroom alterations and face lifts, expensive? Yes. But with the expense is an absolute delight result. Take out those old fittings and give new life to what your home is needing. If your selling your property and the old 70’s orange basin isn’t just making the cut. Make a change and invest to what will return in the long run.


Carports and Pergolas will always be the number one extra to your home and give great results everytime. Winter play area for your kids, shelter and protection for your family car. Dodgy built carports and pergolas never last the test of time and in the process put others at risk of collapse. The correct procedures need to be undertaken to get the best results. With a quality product come peace of mind and reliability.


Living local and building in the Gisborne, Macedon, Sunbury area. There is always time to inspect what plans you have in mind and offer affordable solutions to your ambitions around the home and business.

WILL return your calls and enquires and always apply myself to do the best possible job so you get the best possible results.